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Home networks are now common in may households in the UK, however, setting them up securely can be a bit of a challenge.Whether you have a standard network and just need your computers to connect to the internet, or you have a more complex network and need your devices to share a file server or share files or music and videos, we can help you to get it all set up securely. Whether you are using wired or wireless devices we can set up your network accordingly and make sure all of your devices can access the internet. We can also set up shared file servers so you can save all of your media in one place and access it throughout your home, set up a shared printer and set up internet sharing on your devices.
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If you have an existing computer network in your company or if you would like one intsalling from scratch, we can help you - from planning your networking requirements to installing the network and hardware. We can help you plan your network requirements, from deciding whether you need a server to control access to the network, a server to share files, a cloud server or no server at all. We can offer advice on which network equipment to buy for your business and what other hardware you would need. We can also install the hardware and software to run your network, including cabling and trunking if necessary.