PC Repairs in Bishop Auckland


If you are looking to buy a new computer and are unsure what you need, we specialise in custom built PCs for both home users and small businesses. We offer computers with the very best build quality that are affordable and reliable and suited to your specific needs. We don't build standard PCs - we listen to what you want and we build our PCs based on what you tell us. We can also provide other hardware to run alongside your existing PCs, such as network storage solutions, printers and servers. Our PCs come with the latest Windows already installed and fully updated.
Computer Repairs and New Computers in Co Durham


Do you have a computer that is not working and you would like it fixing? We can repair most PCs, depending on how badly damaged they are. This option is often cheaper than buying a new PC and in most cases means that you can retain any data that you have stored on the PC. Most repairs are done by fixing the software that is causing the problem, or sometimes it can mean replacing faulty parts within the computer. Either way, we will inform you of the problem and present our recommendations to you before attempting any repairs.
PC Upgrades in Bishop Auckland


Another option that is usually cheaper than buying a new computer is to upgrade your existing one. If your PC is running slowly or making strange noises then an upgrade is probably the best option for you. We can upgrade almost all elements of a PC, so if you need more memory or a faster graphics card, we can source and install them safely for you. If your upgrade includes a new hard drive, we can also offer a data migration service where we will back up your existing files from your old hard drive (if accessible) and transfer them on to your new drive. We can also attempt data recovery but this may not be possible if your hard drive is physically damaged.
Virus Removal and Antivirus Bishop Auckland


One of the most common problems faced by computer users these days is infection by computer viruses, most of the time downloaded from the internet or through emails. If you find that your computer is running slowly, not responsive, crashing regularly or has unusual pop-ups you could have a virus. We can fix most problems without losing your data and install an up to date antivirus solution to prevent further attacks and keep your data safe. As well as removing the virus and keeping your computer clean we will also give you some free advice about keeping your computer safe in the future!